My name is Aaron Turpen and I have been a professional writer for much of my adult life; though that hasn’t been my only profession.  I have also had many experiences working in various fields both online and off, with some of the more notable being: website design and development, seminar touring and public speaking, professional truck driving, sales, and more.

I have a wide range of interests, hobbies, and things that I enjoy. First and foremost, I am a knowledge-hound.  I read books by the truckload and have an extensive library containing a wide range of subjects.  I haven’t met a book I didn’t like.  This serves me well in my writing, as I can write in a variety of subjects and, of course, I greatly enjoy researching new subjects to write about.  One of the great things about writing for a living is that new things come up all the time.

To see the range of things I’ve covered, look at my portfolio and you’ll see I write on many different subjects regularly.

I have been writing for years and have been writing online content since 2001.  You’ll find my name attached to many websites, email newsletters, articles, and more all over the Web and being an accredited journalist, I am regularly published in news outlets and media.

Got questions or need help with your endeavors? Contact me.