Feedback and Portfolio

Below is a short summary of customer feedback, things I’ve done recently, and links to websites I currently write for.

Feedback from clients:

“Aaron did exactly what he said he would. He worked very fast and produced high quality work. The price he charged for the service was outstanding. I will likely work with Aaron again in the future if he is available.” –Anonymous (ghost client)

“Your Lightning story made Digg’s home page .. it’s up there now (and my new server is suffering – old one was slower with DB access but better with high-volume cached requests)” –Sebastian

“As a managing editor for a large network of web sites, I work with a lot of writers. Aaron Turpen stands tall among them. Not only is he an excellent writer, he has the intangibles that make him a pleasure to work with: he communicates well, keeps me informed about his schedule and goes the extra mile by adding formatting and links in his web copy. His ability to deliver fluid, compelling copy on subjects ranging from auto repair to diabetes has also been a tremendous asset. While many freelance writers require a lot of hand holding, Aaron’s talent and reliability make my job a lot easier. I have worked with him for several years now and from the start he has been the first person that I go to when I need someone to pick up the slack or handle a special assignment. I enthusiastically recommend Aaron as a writer and for anything else that he says he can do!” –John

“I originally commissioned Aaron to write a half dozen motorcycle review articles and have since made his input for our reviews site a regular thing as we build content. Aaron stayed on spec with the rigid framework we have for review sets has delivered on time and with high quality.”  –Tyler, E.S. Consulting

I am generally available for small projects and can usually schedule near-term or longer-term projects as well.  Contact me for information.  You’ll find that I am both reasonable and professional.

In addition, I am an accredited member of the Rocky Mountain Automotive Press group (RMAP), the Midwest Automotive Media Association (MAMA), and the Texas Auto Writers Association (TAWA) as a journalist.  For a showcase of my automotive writing, visit

Websites where you’ll find me writing regularly:

  • Car News Cafe – A new look at automotive news, this site was co-founded by myself and a couple of other car writers with a less traditional perspective on automotive journalism.
  • Aaron On Autos – My own website as a sort of revolving portfolio of the automotive coverage I do. With accompanying video channel here.
  • CarTalk – Various automotive content for the home of Click and Clack.
  • DriveModeShow – A new collaboration with fellow automotive journalist Kristin Shaw, DMS is a video channel and website dedicated to interesting insights into automotive and its culture.
  • Find the Best Car Price – content revolving around vehicle comparisons, shopping, buying information, and consumer perspectives.
  • Gunaxin – an online men’s magazine, I cover many things, focusing mostly on automotive reviews and alcoholic beverages.
  • GuysGab – a men’s interest web magazine covering many topics of interest to today’s younger male. I cover automotive and vehicle reviews for the site.
  • iSeeCars – doing automotive reviews from a consumer’s perspective of new cars and everyday driving.
  • ManTripping – a guy’s website, I often write about cars, booze, and fun things. From a guy’s perspective.
  • New Atlas (formerly Gizmag) – one of the Internet’s oldest gadget review and technology news sites. I do automotive reviews with occasional commentary on the industry or topics of engineering/technology in automotive.

I write for other websites on a more occasional basis and my articles are often widely spread throughout the Internet as well. Searching for my name will show you that I am literally all over the Web and have written on a huge number of subjects and in many outlets.  My current focus is on automotive and commentary.

I ghost-write for many websites, blogs, and other venues on a contract basis. I am currently ghost-writing for a computer-technology magazine and writing automotive content for a well-known Canadian firm.


  • Survival of the Smartest: The First 72 Hours is an electronic book written by myself in conjunction with  It details preparedness for disasters both natural and man-made and how to prepare for them beforehand. It published May 2011 and is now also available in the Amazon Kindle Store.
  • The Agora National (November, 2010) – a reprint of an article published on NaturalNews.
  • Checked-In (August 2010) – I received editorial credit for my work on this book.  I worked closely with Craig Agranoff and Herb Tabin from the inception of the book until final printing when the publisher completed the layout and final copy editing.
  • Confessions of Shameless Internet Promoters (2003) – A book by Debbie Allen, now out of print, in which I contributed a chapter about self-marketing the small business online.